Sunday, October 17, 2004

With Eyes Cast Downward

Are we left to conclude that the 10.5 game back to 2.5 games back Aug/Sept Red Sox, the best record in baseball since the All Star Break Red Sox, the "better team than the Yankees on paper" Red Sox were not the real Red Sox, but that the uninspired .500 ball Red Sox of May and June were the true article?

Or are we going to go with the thinking that all of a sudden the Yankees have morphed into this unstoppable club that no one on earth can beat?

A week or so ago I made the statement that "the best team always wins" and was immediately taken to task via emails and comments on the site that this was not the case. I was willing to concede that, indeed, sometimes the better team does get left behind.

But with that said, is there anyone left who wants to argue that the Red Sox are actually the better team than the Yankees?

If so, you may also want to tackle the job of defending Scott Peterson in the murder of his wife Laci.

Meanwhile, once again the Red Sox are in the record books for all the wrong reasons,

Bronson Arroyo and five relievers shared the role of "Firestarter" and surrendered 22 hits, including 13 for extra bases, resulting in the Yankees establishing a record for runs scored in an LCS game in the longest nine-inning game in postseason history, while taking a commanding 3-0 lead in the best-of-seven series (Horrigan, Herald).

And Bob Ryan doesn't mince words:

August seems a long time ago. The Anaheim series seems a long time ago. The idea that the Red Sox accomplished anything good at all this season seems inconceivable. The only thing that resonates now is the idea that, once again, the Red Sox have been beaten by the Yankees, this time in an incredibly undignified manner (Globe).

Last year on October 17th, one day after the 7th game of the ALCS I suggested there's nobility in loosing such a close one, in fighting the good fight with the Yankees. Last year, as Red Sox fans, even in defeat we could hold our heads high.

A year later, I make no such pronouncements. There is no dignity at hand today.