Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Go Greased Lightnin'. Go.

So I bet I'm not the only one who has been going through the past couple of day like this: you'll be sitting there at work or driving or eating breakfast or whatever and about every couple of minutes you'll go, "OHMYGAW. THE RED SOX ARE IN THE WORLD SERIES!"

It still hasn't really sunk in. Hell, I don't want it to sink in as I don't want to lose the giddiness of it all. And just when I do start to get used to the idea I then remember, "THE RED SOX HAVE A 2-0 GAME LEAD IN THE WORLD SERIES!"

Now if that's not enough, how about this:

After batting practice last night, Pedro Martinez slowly was peeling off his red socks in front of his locker at Busch Stadium.

Placing his hand on Martinez' back, locker neighbor Curt Schilling leaned in close to his teammate and said, "Did I tell you how excited I am to watch you pitch tomorrow night? I've got chills" (Silverman, Herald).

And you know Schilling means it. The guy is the real deal despite jealous, anti-Schilling snickering found elsewhere. (Believe it or not, some are suggesting he faked the blood on his sock. SoSH has a thread on this and other lunacy.)

As for chills, I've got 'em, too, big time. I mean I've got more chills than Danny Zuko laying eyes on the lithesome Sandy Olsson for the first time. They're multiplyin'. It's electrifyin'.

Bob Ryan isn't alone when he suggests Pedro is the one we want tonight:

One game to out-Curt Curt. One game to say goodbye. One game to say, "Pay me." One game to show off for his countrymen watching on TV down in the Dominican. One game to have people back home chanting "Pe-dro!" in the living rooms and bars of New England. One game to remind everyone that he still can pitch as well as anyone in the world. One game to put the Boston Red Sox up, 3-0.


Alan Embree joins the chills for Pedro chorus,

"I expect to see a pretty spectacular Pedro (tonight)," the left-hander said. "He's never been (in a World Series) before, and he's got every other accolade you can think of. This will help him complete another great chapter in his career" (Silverman).

In other news, did you read that La Russa and the Cardinals are all upset about their accommodations while in Boston?

La Russa told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that his team was upset about having to be stationed at the Quincy Marriott, which is at the base of the Southeast Expressway at the juncture of I-93 and Route 3. He complained about the location of the hotel, the lack of late-night room service and traffic coming and going through Quincy.

"It was a real bummer to the point where a lot of us were upset and embarrassed," La Russa said (Horrigan, Herald).

I'm still trying to figure out what was "embarrassing" about it. Meanwhile, the Red Sox contend those were the best rooms available considering everything going on in Boston (Head of the Charles Regatta and Parents Weekend at several local universities). Evidently, though, there are plenty of rooms available in St. Louis. (Hard to believe considering what a happening place it is and all.)

By the way, did you know THE RED SOX ARE IN THE WOLRD SERIES!?


Let me close with what Beth calls a "tiny and quiet" side of happiness:

… tonight at work I saw a sign that's been on the newsroom wall for a little while announcing in blue ballpoint pen that copies of the book Chasing Steinbrenner were available downstairs for $26.00. Tonight I noticed as I walked to the elevator that the word "Chasing" had been written over in red marker that said "CATCHING??" (Cursed and First).