Sunday, May 11, 2003

Happy Mother's Day

close up of Wakefield's knuckleball gripEven though the Twins' LeCroy took Wakefield deep twice last night, I'm still in awe of the knuckleballer and his pitches. And he was solid last night overall, going 7 innings with 7 hits.

Meanwhile, Manny Ramirez is the man of the hour with his heads up base running.

An alert Manny Ramirez dashed home from third with the run that broke a 4-4 tie in the eighth inning when Torii Hunter, the Twins' highlight-reel outfielder, short-hopped catcher A.J. Pierzynski with his throw home on Jeremy Giambi's fly ball to shallow center. Ramirez, who had opened the inning with a sweet piece of hitting, muscling a single into right field, broke for home as soon as Hunter's wayward throw bounced off Pierzynski, who was already well in front of the plate, and skidded a few feet in front of him on the Metrodome rug (Edes, Globe).

Funny how no one has made any comparisons to Manny's run from third last year on the Saturday before Mother's Day. If you recall, that's when he slid headfirst and got injured, dropping him out of the lineup for six weeks. Excellent that there is no black cloud hanging over this Mother's Day.