Sunday, November 03, 2002

Writers Dinner

The details on the annual Boston Baseball Writers Association have been announced:

  • Jan. 16 at the Sheraton Boston.
  • Tickets are $100 and may be purchased by sending checks payable to:
    Boston Baseball Writers, PO Box 7346, Nashua, N.H. 03060.

Last year I pledged to myself that I'd gp to the one this year. A few readers who have attended the event in the past have said it's fun -- But doesn't look like I'll be able to do it this year. Once again I'm short of funding for this sort of unnecessary (in the big scheme of things) expense. Maybe next year. (At least I'm used to delaying gratification from year to year, eh?)

Meanwhile, my Blogger woes continue. Who knows when/if I'll be able to post what I've just typed. I don't like to bash Blogger, as without the work those guys have done, I would probably have never started a blog in the first place. However, since upgrading to the "pro" version, and spending money to do so, I'd expect that there'd be at least some place you could send an email to indicating that there is a problem. But no. Instead you're just directed to a list of troubleshooting tips or told to go to the discussion area (which I did try to do but that threw errors as well).

Once I finish the redesign(s) I'm working on, I think I'll switch over to Moveable Type. I see little choice.