Sunday, October 20, 2002

162 Systems

If you already followed the link Steve from Riley Dog left as a comment yesterday, you might want to. It leads to the word of artist Lee Walton who has designed rules for a drawing project based on the events that transpire during each of the 162 games of a baseball season:

According to the system, the specific events that transpire during a baseball game (pitches, ground outs, strike outs, hit batters, etc.) will determine the drawing activity.

Each drawing will be created pitch by pitch. When the baseball game is over the drawing is complete.


Meanwhile, the Red Sox desire to mambo continues:

While much of the speculation surrounding Cuban defector Jose Contreras has centered around the Yankees' interest in him, the Sox quietly are laying the groundwork for making a big push for the 30-year-old righthander, whom fellow Cuban Orlando Hernandez of the Yankees calls the best pitcher on the island. A source close to agent Jaime Torres says that Sox international scouting director Luis Eljaua has met a couple of times with the agent, and once with the pitcher … (Edes, Globe).

I got another load of firewood yesterday and the chimney sweep will be out tomorrow afternoon. Getting ready to fire up the the hot stove what ifs.