Sunday, September 29, 2002

Doesn't Add Up

Taken in parts, the '02 Red Sox are glorious:

By early this evening, the 2002 Sox could have the American League batting champion, two guys with 100-plus RBIs (Ramirez at 106; Nomar Garciaparra at 120), the Cy Young winner (either Pedro Martinez or Derek Lowe), and the top three AL pitchers for earned run average - Martinez, Lowe, and Tim Wakefield (Dupont, Globe).

Somehow it just didn't work out. Even without the great season by the Oakland and California, i.e., if the Red Sox had made the postseason, one has to have the sinking suspicion that it wouldn't have made much difference. The Red Sox still wouldn't have been able to win when they had too.

It's OK. Taking the glass is half full approach, maybe it makes sense that first the team gets good on a player by player basis, then, they get it altogether as a team?

Yeah, I'm hopeful. I have to be.

Time to begin to rake leaves. Plant bulbs. Stack cord wood. Put away the short sleeves and shorts.