Sunday, September 01, 2002

Public Enemy

You know on any given year there are one or two Red Sox players that I never warm up to, players whom I always observe with jaundiced eye. My feelings toward these folks can range from outright enmity toward, e.g., Rick Cerone, Carl Everett, to a mild contempt for, e.g., the post '86 season Rich Gedman, last season's Dante Bichette.

Who's on my list this season?

John Burkett.

Even when he was pitching well at the beginning of the year, I was lukewarm toward him. Then with his pitching collapse and recent lame attitude regarding the labor woes, Burkett began to jump toward the Rick Cerone end of the scale for me.

After last night, to use the most excellent metaphor of reader LUIS, I'm ready to "go all David Banner on his ass."

Neither Little nor Varitek would suggest that Burkett lacked focus last night - a contention the pitcher denied - though Varitek interestingly suggested that Burkett ``is going to have to have some good practice sessions'' before his next scheduled start (Massarotti).

If history is any indication, Burkett may not be the only member of the '02 roster to be formally placed on my persona non grata list.