Sunday, June 02, 2002

"I think we'd be lying if we said we weren't concerned"

Grady Little feels like the rest of us:

``We're always talking about making our club better and right now we may have some positions that we could better ourselves,'' Little said. ``We're going to do some serious investigating in the near future. Real near.''

While yesterday's loss may on rank Level 12 on The Sports Guy's The 13 Levels of Losing, yesterday's crushing loss to the Yankees was the first loss of the season that had me feeling really disoriented and depressed afterward.

The Yankees exposed the Red Sox Achilles' Heel — Only 3 reliable relievers in the pen: Wakefield, Fossum, and Urbina.

''We can't do it with just Fossum, Wakefield, and Urbina. If we run them out there time after time after time, then sooner or later you're going to have to pay the price for that.''

The trouble is, they have few options. Unless Garces or Oliver develops medical problems that would allow them to be placed on the disabled list, the pitchers have enough years of big-league service to block a demotion to the minors (Hohler, The Boston Globe).

Not that there really is anyone in the minors to ready to bring up.

And while I'm in my gloomy mood, let me admit that I don't think we'll ever see Hermanson pitch. The guy must have the most sensitive groin in the world. It amazes me we can friggin' clone a sheep and map the human genome, but we don't have enough medical know how to deal with a strained groin?

Well, we get to have some deja vu all over again this afternoon as Five Inning Frankie takes the mound. There's very little joy in Mudville this morning.