Sunday, May 19, 2002

Worth the Wait

The 125 minute rain delay? The 41 degree temperature? Didn't matter.

"Listen, the guy can pitch whether it's the Mojave Desert or an igloo in Alaska,'" Seattle manager Lou Piniella said. "What's the difference?'"

As Michael Holley puts it, "What else is there to say?"

This man is amazing. He is constantly pushing and tweaking, always one start away from showing you something that you haven't seen … (Holley, The Boston Globe).

Clear your calendar for Friday: Pedro Martinez vs. Roger Clemens.

Speaking of waiting, will we get to celebrate a 100 year anniversary of Fenway Park in 10 years?

Perhaps, as ballpark specialist Janet Marie Smith (Camden Yards, Turner Field) called in as a consultant on the feasibility to renovate Fenway is optimistic. And she already has some interesting ideas such as

perch[ing] a few rows of seats on top of the left-field wall - ''maybe hang them off the light towers'' - where they'd float above Lansdowne Street

… Smith would especially like to do what she did in Baltimore, which is to extend the ticketed area to include a street next to the park. The street here would be a section of Yawkey Way, which is already closed to traffic during games. That way, once you had your ticket, you wouldn't be confined to the park but could wander the street, too … (Campbell, The Boston Globe)*.

(* Hat tip to Isaac for sending me the link.)