Sunday, April 07, 2002

Yard Work

The thing that struck me while watching Nomar round the bases after hitting a three-run, tiebreaking homer off Scott Erickson in the eighth inning yesterday to send the Sox to a 4-2 victory over the Baltimore Orioles is how unbelievable it is now to look back on last season.

How and the hell did last year's team manage to go toe to toe with the Yankees for so long without Nomar, let alone without V-Tek and Pedro and with all the other weird (i.e., Duquette, Jimy, Everett) problems?

I bring this up now because I feel so fortunate to have Nomar Garciaparra back.( And, you know, there was talk that his wrist injury might prove to be the end of his career.) This is a much better team than last year's.

And if Nomar can come back, why not Pedro?

So as we all collectively freak out over the Pedro situation, we do have much to feel good about.

This won't prevent me from freaking out, of course. I still have a gut feeling that Pedro is going to be fine in the end, but I'm nervous as hell about this afternoon's game. I'm going to be super yard work man all morning, mulching, weeding, pruning, raking, as way to stay busy and keep my mind occupied until game time.

Then I'll sit there all afternoon ready to piss my pants from nervousness every time Pedro winds up.