Sunday, January 27, 2002

Championship Sunday

No since in trying to pretend otherwise, today is all about football and the New England Patriots showdown with Pittsburgh this afternoon. I tried to convince myself that the Patriots don't matter, but, as always, the truth rose to the surface during last weekend's prime time game with Oakland.

The Patriots are the only game in town right now.

However, if you do need a Red Sox fix, both the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe have their usual Sunday baseball notes columns by Massarotti and Edes respectively.

Noteworthy in a choke on your morning coffee kind of way is Edes' suggestion that the Sox are not going to pay Reese the $7.5 million he wants and that leaves Offerman at 2nd. Oh, no. Not Offerman. They have to find somebody at a price management finds affordable. I'd like to see the infield turn the occasional double-play this year. I really would. And I won't even mention Offerman at the plate.

But let's not dwell on the negative on a day like this.