Sunday, January 13, 2002

Sale Saga Continues

Now there is a possibility that the bids will be reopened tomorrow:

It's all in limbo, obscured by the ever-higher piles of cash Dolan has now pushed in front of the Trust. And those issues could remain in limbo for months and years if Dolan succeeds in wresting away the bid or forces yet another round of bids to be made. Besides the legal retribution almost certain to be sought by the Henry group, Dolan still faces the hurdle of winning the owners' approval, the very thing the limited partners say prompted them to reject his bid in the first place.

And we haven't even mentioned Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly. (Edes, The Boston Globe).

Some have said that Red Sox fans have a Calvinistic world view and inherent fear of success. We expect things to go wrong, and when they do, it confirms our view of a fallen, sinful world. It's all predetermined. Fate.

Certainly the way this sale is going (or not going!) justifies that line of thinking.