Sunday, January 06, 2002


On the one hand you've got Globe columnist Will McDonough wondering why the rush regarding the Red Sox sale? On the other hand, you've got Gordon Edes, another Globe columnist, reporting that for many things seem to be moving at snail's pace:

''Dan needs to know something,'' one Sox official said Friday. ''The organization needs to know something. The fans need to know something. Right now, this all seems like it's in slow motion" (Edes, The Boston Globe).

Would it be Red Sox baseball if there were not 180 degree differences in opinion? Probably not.

I admit to falling firmly on the side of the let's gets things moving crowd. No point crying over those whose bids were rejected. (I felt the same way over the the whole Bush-Gore election debacle of last year. At some point you've just got to move on.)

As the most recent snow storm begins to accumulate on the ground, I'm more ready for baseball than ever.