Sunday, December 02, 2001

The Sale, The Sale, The Sale

Another day, another scan of the sports pages to find that the only Red Sox news deals with the impending sale of the team. This time it's old-school Will McDonough putting his 2 cents behind the O'Donnell and Karp group:

One of the smartest business/sports figures in town said last week, ''Check out all the groups. Only one gives a damn about the Red Sox - O'Donnell and Karp. The rest of them are all in it for some kind of business deal" (McDonough, The Boston Globe).

I know this is important stuff, but I'm getting weary of reading about it. I think I'm just being peevish because it all feels so out of my control. At least during the season, in the midst of a baseball game, you can feel that the power of winning and losing is spread out over 9 guys on the field, the manager, and a bit of luck. By contrast, this sale comes down basically to John Harrington and money.

As fans we are powerless. We just have to sit back and wait (or lay back and let it happen to us).

In better news, The Boston Herald reports that the Red Sox have signed Damon Buford to a one year deal. I always like Buford when he was with the Sox in '98 and '99. He plays with a lot of gusto and makes the most of his talent.