Sunday, September 09, 2001

Note >> Technical Difficulties

In my haste yesterday to fix a typo in the entry labeled Bitter, I inadvertently overwrote the To Curse or Not to Curse entry, i.e., the long piece that was a response to the Bill Simmons' article called ''What $@!% curse?''.

As far as I know, I didn't make a backup of that posting, and have no way to resurrect it. Yes, this is pretty negligent on my part. As a so-called web professional, making a mistake like this is the equivalent of a Major League ballplayer letting a routine grounder go between his legs.

I'm especially chagrined by this lapse on my part, since I really liked what I had wrote and felt it was one of the better topics we've had here. Worse, I emailed Simmons to take a look at it. Not that he would, but it'll be just my luck now that he will only to find it no longer exists!

Hopefully, I've learned my lesson and this won't happen again.

The weirdest part of all this comes to light if one considers the topic we were discussing: The validity of the Curse.