Sunday, August 26, 2001

I'll stop jinxing

Seems that every time I publicly issue a ''Red Sox can do it!'' mantra, something bad happens. OK, losing an 18 inning marathon on an error isn't in the same category as losing V-Tek or Martinez to injury, still it gives me pause. I think I'll just play things close to the cuff for the rest of the season regarding pronouncements of faith.

Meanwhile, there is still so much joy in this game:

How fitting is it that [Martinez] will return to work in Texas? At a ballpark located on Nolan Ryan Expressway? Martinez does McDonald's commercials, but he just as easily could sell for Stetson. Give him a 10-gallon, put the familiar red ''B'' on it, and watch him work. It wouldn't be unusual. Martinez has some cowboy in him. He's got some Texas in him. And he's got a right arm that can end arguments.

... On Friday night, Martinez walked in the clubhouse here and immediately changed the mood of the room. A song by the Ohio Players (''Fire'') was playing, and big Garces started dancing in front of Martinez's locker. It was hilarious. Martinez smiled and screamed, ''Awwwwww!'' and a few players gathered and laughed, too.

Without a doubt, the skinny cowboy-pitcher is back in business (The Boston Globe).

Say no more.