Sunday, June 17, 2001

One of those nights

The Sox took an 8-0 whooping from the Braves, and ...

I was going to try to blow this one off and go about my Sunday as if it never happened, but I can't. I must face the facts.

... virtually anyone and everyone steals on the Red Sox, often at will. The Braves stole five bases last night, two on Friday, and the Phillies stole five against the Sox only a week ago. Green means go to all base runners when the opposing team's Sox are Red.

The numbers now are truly disturbing. Opposing runners have stolen 85 bases on the Red Sox compared with only 18 stolen bases for Boston. Boston's pitching is good, but no matter how good it is, there will be close games against key contenders. And, simply, a team that cannot keep runners from stealing cannot win it all (The Boston Globe).

Meanwhile last night while watching the game on TBS, I got a hankering for some popcorn and decided to make a big batch for everyone and I ended up somehow starting a fire big enough to require a fire extinguisher to put out. What a mess. Earlier that night, my wife dropped a quart of Italian salad dressing on the kitchen floor.

Here's to a fresh start on this Sunday in which the remnants of tropical storm Allison (how many times have you heard that phrase in the past week?) finally scooted up the East Coast leaving us with a beautiful sunny and dry day. A good day for sitting in a chaise lounge and realizing that free time is the most valuable possession one could have.