Sunday, May 13, 2001

Pedro Answers 10 Questions

At ESPN, Pedro Martinez answers "10 burning questions" from the ESPN staff.

Check out number 10:

10. It's your last meal on Earth. What do you want to eat?
Martinez: I'm not a big eater. I don't like to eat. I wish you could just give me a pill that I could take and never have to eat again. And I don't want to know when my last meal on Earth is.

It's difficult to tell if he was serious or not, as Mr. Martinez is famous for practical jokes and for thinking the media silly. Then again, maybe the guy is telling it like it is: maybe he doesn't enjoy eating. And maybe all over Red Sox Nation, thousands of kids are going to imitate their baseball hero and lose interest in food. Considering the reports about children and obesity, that wouldn't be such a bad thing.

Ramirez launches 468 foot blast

I listened to the game on the web, so I didn't see it myself, but, evidently, it was quite a shot:

In the fifth inning, Ramirez hit a home run to left that went over the Wall. Over the screen. Over a pedestrian. Over a row of cars. Over a garage. It finally stopped on the railroad tracks near the Mass. Pike.

... a titanic home run that bounced on the deck of a parking garage along Lansdowne Street and traveled well over 450 feet; the team's official guesstimate of the blast was 468 feet.

"It went foul and then it came back," said the Red Sox' Dante Bichette, who had a perfect view from the on-deck circle. '"I mean, it looked like it was hooking foul and then it just turned. It made a right turn, and came back.."

"I've never seen anything like it."

Boston manager Jimy Williams had to dive deep into his reservoir of Jimywocky to explain what he had seen."I don't know, I'm not the ball," said Williams. "'I think the ball is the only one who really knows."

Love that last bit from Williams. He cracks me up.

And then there is El Hombre Macho

Martinez is so cool, so cocky that this is what he had to say regarding giving up his first homerun since Sept: 19 of last year:

"I actually enjoyed watching it," Martinez said of the 410-foot homer ... "It was a good one."

And on that note, I'll think I'll just kick-back this Sunday morning and enjoy the moment.